School Clubs provide students with a suitable platform to develop right kind of attitude and sense of responsibility. Through these clubs, they get opportunities for hands on experience and learn new things. Besides, they learn value of co-operation, importance of time management and planning. Understanding the significance of school clubs, our school takes pride in running three different clubs to cater to the different needs, namely- Eco Club, Health and Wellness Club and Literary Club.

  • Eco Club

Eco Clubs plays an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation. We make students realize the importance of conservation of water by minimizing its use, motivate them to incorporate the habits and lifestyle for minimum wastage of resources for feature generation, sensitizing them to minimize the use of plastic bags, not to throw them in public places as they provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
Our school organizes every year tree plantation programmes, awareness programmes such as Quiz, Essay Writing, Painting competitions etc regarding various environmental issues. We impart such education so that they learn how to re-use waste material. Teachers, staff & students actively participate in the club activities. We think it is a wonderful way for the young students to develop sense of responsibility & pride thus adding to the spirit of community.

  • Literary Club

Reading is important, we all agree. But if viewed as a task, students would avoid it. They might even develop ignorance toward reading. So it is very important not only to make students read and treat books as vehicles to collect information but to grow a love for reading. Literary Club is where reading takes place for real joy of it. It develops in children the love & passion for reading and also provide opportunities to get exposed to a range of genres like fairy tales, fables, myths & legends, comics, folk tales and many more.
Reading during literary club period also gives time, texts & opportunities to our children to enrich vocabulary and practice their reading strategies & skills. This may help, our students to learn to be better writers by taking help from what they read !!

  • Health and Wellness Club

The health of young children is of paramount importance. Since real wealth of our nation is its future generation, there is no doubt in it that health is wealth. Our School considers this as its primary responsibility to promote among its students awareness about the value of good health and how to maintain it. As a part of this we have Health and Wellness club.
The objective of our School’s health club is to promote health by organizing  poster making competitions and other events related to health issues. Our school aims at teaching the techniques of yoga and meditation to students from an early age and inculcate in them healthy & positive ways of living. We consider celebration of important days (World Health Day – April 7), World No Tobacco Day (May 31), World AIDS Day (Dec 1) as School’s foremost agenda to create awareness.