Chairperson Desk



Welcome to all who are in pursuit of excellence.

“I strongly believe that the children are the future of the nation. For the nation to prosper, its children should develop into well-balanced individuals who can shoulder the responsibility of the nation’s development. At SBGS, we always strive to provide the children the required opportunities and challenges to shape into proud citizens of this glorious mother land.” With a world-class infrastructure supported by state-of-the-art technology, SBGS continues to look far beyond the routine, in its endeavor to produce leaders capable of a new hallmark in the world of business.

An ideal fusion of Academics, Sports, IT, Group activities and all other Modern Facilities blended with values based curriculum will help our students to attain all round development and growth.

As the year progresses we expect to develop a range of programs and activities that will extend our reach to attain the mutual goals of academic excellence, as SBGS will make an endeavor to grow in a variety of ways, concentrating on career awareness, independent living skills, independent travel, assistive technology, socialization skills and workplace performance.

I wish every student a wonderful start to their journey of academic life and my prayers to the Almighty to help us tread this path of educating our young ones with utmost sincerity and honesty.

Ms. Sushil Yadav