Assessment and Evaluation


A. For Class Pre Primary to V

Assessments will be based on written as well as oral tests. Evaluation will be based on the day to day work and conduct of the students throughout the year as per the CCE (Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation) system.


B. Class VI to VIII


Term 1

(April – September)

Term 2

(October – March)

FA 1 10% FA 3 10%
FA 2 10% FA 4 10%
SA 1 30% SA 2 30%
Total 50% Total 50%


Assessment will on the basis of performance in Formative and Summative Assessment.


Formative Assessment (FA): Signifies unit test combined with class activities like Group Work, Pair work, Written Assignment and oral work, project and participation in specified subject related activities.


Summative Assessment (SA): Denotes term end pen and paper examination.

  • Cycle tests (weekly tests) have been introduced to assess the students in General Studiesfor classes VI to VIII. The schedule will be intimated term wise.
  • Regular assessment will be conducted in Life Skills, Music, Environment Education & Physical Education throughout the year.
  • The final report and promotion will be based on the student’s performance throughout the year in academics, which include Formative and Summative Assessment as well as co-curricular activities & sports.
  • It is compulsory for pupil to appear in all the examinations and assessments as scheduled.
  • Syllabi of each examination is given in the printed class syllabus.