SB Global School has four Houses named:

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  • Explorer
  • Creator
  • Innovator
  • Pioneer

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This house system aims to provide students an identify and sense of pride in secure and definitely supportive environment. Each house has a house leader and a student leader. The school is a community of learners and the house system in our school aims at reflecting the core values incorporated in the names of the houses. The house provides positive competition and a close tuning between students and teachers. The houses compete in a number of sporting, academic and cultural activities for points. Each term the school  offers shield and other prizes to the winning house. Innovator is one who introduces new methods and ideas, Creator brings something new into existence, Explorer explores new or unfamiliar areas and Pioneer is the one who is among the first to explore or create something. These four houses are unique in themselves, they motivate the students and fill them with team spirit. The system of houses enables students to accomplish a number of goals and team how to aspire, plan & achieve.